New Technique


Chin Technique

I use my chin to play.
I push the strings with it and dump the basses if I need it.
I even use both sides of my chin , left and right.
So I can play gamms only with my chin (and of course the right hand).


This may seem weird, but ... :

Recall violinists , who always have their chins red from keeping instruments on the shoulder.
Recall akkordeon players, who use their chin for switching registers.
Organists are playing with feet and that's already about 1000 years, and playing with feet seems of course more exotic than playing with the chin :) . By the way, in my transcription of Bach Organ Preludium  I play the entire part of feet with my chin , so one exotic thing takes after the other. :)

In "Cats" you can also hear the grace-note (guitar legato) in basses played with the CHIN.

New Textures

two parallel arpegios: ( LES / Forest ) p-finger slides down (up in tone) simultaneously with a normal arpegio by i-m-a

double trill (parallel sixths) simlutaneously with the melody , played too with double notes (Etude Nr.2)

trill with the right hand ( "Cats" before reprise)

long arpegio (7 strings) + melody on the first string (Etude Nr.3)

very fast passages (~240 metronom) with p-a-m-i sequence ("Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov)

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